Choosing a Funeral Director

A Funeral is an important way to honour the life of your loved one. At William Matthews Funerals, we understand that the death of a loved one can be a very difficult time and it is our job to help you through it as smoothly as possible. We can assist you with a range of funeral services and will guide you through each step of the process, so that your loved one’s memorial service is truly personal to your family.

When a person dies, there is often a lot of confusion and it can be a very traumatic experience for the people who are left behind. Our funeral directors in Kingston will be there to assist you through every step of the process, so that your loved ones final funeral service is truly personal to your family.

You should contact us as soon as you know that a loved one has died to begin the funeral arrangements. Our staff will liaise with the doctor and hospital to arrange for the body to be taken there, and also contact the next kin. They will also liaise with the police and coroner to arrange a post mortem examination if required.

Whether you wish to hold a traditional or contemporary ceremony, we will work with you to create a service that reflects your family’s beliefs and values. Our funeral directors are experienced in providing funeral services that are tailored to the wishes of each individual, so that the service is a true reflection of your loved one’s personality and life.

Our friendly staff are available to talk you through your options and we can even come to you at home or your place of business. Our funeral directors in Kingston are committed to providing exceptional, personal service to families at a reasonable price and will always do everything they can to make the funeral service a positive experience for all involved.

We also provide funeral planning services and will help you with everything from arranging a burial, to finding a suitable location for the service and even creating a tribute book. You will be able to choose from a range of different options, including prepaid funerals, pre-arranged funerals and funeral services that are immediate in nature.

Cremation, Burial & Funeral Director Prices

When choosing a funeral director, it is important to get a quote for the services you require so that you can find the best deal. Gathering information from local funeral director reviews can be a helpful way to find the right funeral director for you, but don’t hesitate to ask for a quote in person or over the phone if necessary.

Funeral director fees vary depending on the type of service you need, the crematorium and the day of the week that you have your service held. Our funeral comparison tool allows you to quickly and easily compare estimated prices from funeral directors in Kingston Upon Thames and surrounding areas.

At eziFunerals, we make it easy to compare funeral directors in your area and see their ratings and reviews. We only include funeral directors that we believe have a high level of customer satisfaction and are committed to delivering the highest quality funeral services at affordable prices.

Funeral Home

When someone you love passes away, it can be a difficult time. The grieving process can be overwhelming, and knowing what to do can be difficult, confusing or even downright frustrating. This is why it’s important to take the time to do everything correctly and ensure a Funeral Service that suits your loved one and their needs.

Whether you’re looking for a traditional, religious or contemporary service, Kingston Funeral Directors Melbourne can make it possible. They know that a funeral service that is personal to the deceased and their family is a service that will be remembered for years to come.

They can help you plan a service that will be a beautiful tribute to your loved one, and also help with all the arrangements for the funeral including the casket or coffin. They can also assist with all the paperwork that is involved in making a funeral happen, and will be there for you every step of the way.

Pre-Plan for a Funeral in Kingston Today

Many people do not think about funerals until it’s too late, but taking the time to pre-plan your funeral can save you and your loved ones a great deal of stress. You can lock in today’s prices for a funeral, ensuring that the burden is lessened and your wishes are carried out exactly how you want them.

You can easily pre-plan your funeral using the eziFunerals online booking system, so you don’t have to worry about any arrangements or paperwork when it’s time for the funeral. Just follow the instructions and get started on planning for your loved one.

Green Funerals for Kingston Families

Increasingly, people are seeking funeral packages that will benefit the environment and our planet as a whole. Kingston Funerals offer a range of green options that can help you create a funeral that is environmentally friendly, while still providing the same quality and service that you expect from your local funeral director.

These include eco caskets, eco coffins and a range of other environmentally-friendly funeral services that can help you to create a funeral that is beautiful, respectful and sustainable for all.

The funeral directors at Kingston Funerals are all very experienced, and have the knowledge to guide you through the process. They will also be able to provide you with information on any other aspects of the funeral service that you may wish to consider.

If you are unsure about any aspect of a funeral, or simply need some advice and support, we can be reached 24 hours a day. Just call us and we’ll be happy to help you through the process.

Social Distancing Rules

At each funeral home, there are strict social distancing guidelines that must be followed. These guidelines are designed to prevent abuse of the service and ensure that everyone has a safe space to mourn in comfort. Depending on the venue, there will be a number of different ways that you can ensure that you stay away from sensitive people who have a tendency to abuse others, such as those who are drunk or under the influence of drugs.

Kingston Funeral Directors

A funeral is a ceremony to celebrate or sanctify the life of a person who has died. Usually this is followed by a burial or cremation.

When a family member passes away it is difficult for the loved ones to deal with the loss and cope with grief. Hence, they may need the help of a professional funeral service provider who can assist them in arranging an appropriate farewell for their beloved.

Whether you wish to have an elaborate farewell or a simple one, Kingston Funeral Directors will help you plan the right kind of ceremony to honor and respect your departed loved one. With years of experience in Melbourne, we understand the needs of families and their specific requirements. We are dedicated to providing the best quality funeral services that will bring a lasting tribute to your departed loved one and give you peace of mind.

We provide a range of funeral services for people from all walks of life, including prepaid and pre-arranged funerals, cremations and memorial services. Our caring and compassionate Funeral Planners will be with you at every step of the process to guide you through.

A funeral is a very private and personal event, which reflects the life of the deceased as well as the values of their family. Our experienced funeral arrangers will take the time to personalize your service by adding special touches and elements that you choose.

Your loved one’s funeral will be a reflection of their unique character and personality. Our funeral director will work with you to make sure that your departed loved one is remembered for their passions and beliefs, as well as for their kindness and compassion.

We offer eco coffins and caskets, allowing you to give your loved one a green burial in Melbourne. This helps to reduce your environmental impact during the funeral and is a meaningful gesture of love for your departed loved one.

In addition to a beautiful coffin, we also provide an environment friendly funeral package to ensure you are getting the best value for your money when planning your final goodbyes for your loved ones in Kingston. We have a wide variety of environmentally-friendly funeral options to suit your budget and your tastes.

Choosing the ideal venue is an important part of a funeral. It can be a stressful time for all involved, but we want to help you feel comfortable and at ease throughout the whole process. Having a location that is comfortable to sit in, has the facilities you need for refreshments and a modern viewing room will help to ease your stress.

At Kingston Funerals we are committed to providing excellent service excellence to the communities of Melbourne. We are a locally owned family business with over 20 years of service to the community. We are proud to have a team of experienced and caring staff who will help you through this very difficult time in your lives.

Our dedicated Funeral Home is located in the heart of North Melbourne, opposite Queen Victoria Market and with city views. We are a spacious and modern facility with the ability to accommodate up to 200 guests in our viewing room, as well as a full Mortuary facility.

Funeral Planning at Kingston Funeral Directors

Kingston Funeral Directors Melbourne

A Funeral is a special occasion when family and friends come together to honour the life of a loved one. Funeral services can take many forms, from simple and traditional to creative and unique. Each service is personalised and reflective of the memories of the deceased and their wishes, making it a meaningful and memorable way to honour them. At Kingston Funerals we know how much a person means to you, and our funeral directors are committed to working with you to create a ceremony that is both heartfelt and beautiful.

Cremation & Burial in Melbourne

We offer a wide range of burial and cremation options that can be tailored to your needs and budget. Our experienced arrangers are available to discuss all your burial and cremation arrangements with you. They will help you to select the right burial or cremation for your loved one, and provide you with all the information and support you need to make your decision.

Choosing the right place to bury or scatter your loved one is an important decision that can be difficult at a time of grief. Our funeral directors will guide you through the process of selecting a final resting place that reflects your beliefs and values, and that also offers the security, comfort and peace of mind you want for yourself and your family.

Pre-Paying your funeral costs can relieve a lot of stress and financial burden on those left behind after a death. Our arrangers can co-ordinate a payment plan that suits you, from single payments to monthly bank account withdrawals.

Our funeral directors will help you to find the right location for your loved one’s final farewell, whether that be a cemetery gravesite, crypt or mausoleum. We can also help you to locate a suitable memorial site for your loved one, such as a church, school or park.

Green Funeral in Melbourne

With the growing concern for our planet and its resources, Kingston Funerals is proud to introduce Kingston Green (Eco) Funerals – an option that offers families a sustainable funeral that is respectful of the environment. Our eco-friendly funeral packages and eco coffins are made from renewable materials, making them a sustainable choice for a respectful send-off to your loved one.

Coffee Table Video Tribute Books

At Kingston Funerals we are proud to offer you the opportunity to create a beautiful Coffee Table Video Tribute Book in memory of your loved one. You can easily upload your loved one’s photo or a favourite memory, and create a beautiful tribute to commemorate their life.

Creating and placing a death and funeral notice is very easy in Kingston, simply click the ‘Place A Notice’ button above and follow the instructions. We have examples of funeral notices to use as a guide, and we will also help you to create a unique and personalised death and funeral notice.

Planning your funeral in Kingston is an emotional and challenging process, but it can be a rewarding one. We can help you to begin the journey to healing through a gathering of family and friends, as well as the final service.

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